Improve authentication forms

During the development of the dashboard, I adapted the login form to the visual style of the dashboard. Unfortunately, this resulted in the loss of notifications, e.g., after a password reset there should be a notification telling the user that an email was sent to the account with a temporary password. At the Nodedb workshop … Continue reading Improve authentication forms […]

Undo for object deletion

During the first telecon with Graz, the You asked for it, you got it nature of the dashboard’s delete button got some deserved critique. To improve the situation, in May I implemented undo for object deletion. Now, the dashboard — as well as the admin interface — shows an undo button that allows graceful restoration … Continue reading Undo for object deletion […]

Optimize database performance

In April 2015, Ralf motivated me to look at the performance of database queries. Playing with the postgresql parameter log_min_duration_statement and looking at the resulting log entries identified some queries ripe for optimizations. Optimize pid_query for SAW sqlalchemy wrapper Use type information, if available, to optimize pid_query For unknown types, query for type_name first, then … Continue reading Optimize database performance […]

Improving localization and translations

In March and April 2015, I improved localization and translations: Ensure that the language selected by the client is used for every request There were some cases where this didn’t happen before Improve auto-generated ui_name for links Use ui_name of the roles, if any Replace underscore by space between role-name and connector Add explicit definition … Continue reading Improving localization and translations […]

UI improvements of dashboard forms

In March and April 2015, I improved the UI of dashboard forms: Different color scheme for input fields with focus Mark required fields more clearly Avoid layout jumps when a form button is clicked Remove readonly fields from tabbing order Adapt and improve CSS used for jQuery-UI dialogs Color scheme Ensure visibility of large completion … Continue reading UI improvements of dashboard forms […]

Use user-specific cache for Admin_Restricted

The dashboard showed the wrong nodes if several different users accessed the node-db at the same time. The confusion was caused by a cache that didn’t take into account the user triggering the request. Once identified, the problem was easily fixed. Unfortunately, it’s still waiting to be tested and to be closed. […]

Adapting to Debian Jessie

In March 2015, I adapted the node-db code to Debian Jessie. In comparison to Debian Wheezy, Jessie supports a lot more of the required third party packages: adapt the README file. Adapt to sqlalchemy 0.9.8 From one version to the next, sqlalchemy changes the SQL generated. From version 0.8 to 0.9, sqlalchemy changed only a … Continue reading Adapting to Debian Jessie […]

Use pure buttons, not jQuery-UI buttons

Between November 2014 and January 2015 (Late update of Confine Blog!), I changed the dashboard forms and admin pages to use pure buttons, not jQuery-UI buttons. At the same time, I changed the query restriction and entity selection forms to a responsive structure by using pure forms instead of the old table-based structure. Due to … Continue reading Use pure buttons, not jQuery-UI buttons […]

Improvements and corrections of dashboard forms

In February 2015, I worked on improvements and corrections of dashboard forms: correction of phone number input fix focus handling in forms add predicates to date interval attributes […]

Add CSRF protection to dashboard forms

In December 2014 (Late update of Confine Blog!), I added CSRF protection to dashboard forms. I had forgotten to add that last April/May during the original dashboard development. […]