moving the nodedb into production end-sprint

It’s year 4 in CONFINE. Our nodeDB project is moving finally towards community integration. This feels like the end-sprint in a long marathon. The next weeks will see another community workshop with feedback rounds. In the course of this community integration, all the repositories moved to . There are three sub-repos: – this is the common … Continue reading moving the nodedb into production end-sprint […]

working on community standardisation of a common format

There are interesting trends with NetJSON. I am currently inspecting this and see if we can leverage the good work to harmonise the common format between community networks. […]

looking at the IMC results

Bart just pointed me to the IMC conference: . Reading… interesting stuff. […]

The rise of the network commons is being noticed

Only three chapters out on the web and I already see the first people pointing towards the book. Nice result. […]

Last numbers for reporting

Getting the reporting numbers done… last sprint (hopefully) […]

Working on the financial reporting

We are working on getting the financial reporting for Y3 done.   […]

Finalising the Research Device workshop, 5th of July 2014

The reminder is out! RDs are finished and I am looking forward to a great RD workshop.       […]

Research Device workshop 5th of July 2014

We would like to invite the community to a workshop for handling CONFNE research devices (RDs). In the workshop we will: Learn how the research devices work Learn things about their architecture and their virtualisation How to monitor RDs How to run distributed experiments on all RDs worldwide How to use these for testing new protocols […] […]

Still missing 7 RD cases โ€“ had to change an order

So, 7 cases from the RDs could not be delivered anymore since they were out of stock. Had to switch to a new one. 5 EURs more expensive. Well, what can you do? Let’s get them out and into the hands of users… […]

Small correction salaries

There was a minor issue with April’s salaries. Accounting + me identified the mistake, will be corrected in the current month’s salaries. […]