NetJSON to UCI config

The power of NetJSON can be seen here: how to convert NetJSON to UCI (openwrt) config files: […]

NetJSON is being picked up by others

Nice news on twitter: “We started to work on netjsonconfig, a library which converts #NetJSON to #OpenWRT UCI format: ”   […]

Working on the deliverables documents

Our project is finished soon. Time to document things. EU projects require lots of documentation… and then some more… and even more. Lucky that the project lead is so damn good at it and we can work into the proposed text. Thanks project lead! I really appreciate it. […]

People notice NetJSON

Seems like one of the tasks that Funkfeuer supports within the CONFINE project – NetJSON – is being noticed outside of the regular community wireless circles: there’s a very encouraging post on ycombinator!  Way to go. me and Fede should still work on the other parts and submit the RFC in Sept! Let’s go go go … Continue reading People notice NetJSON […]

Congrats OLSRv2!

Today I just saw the results (and graphics) from the wireless battlemesh: OLSRv2 really was very successful. The graphs are quite impressive: the more on the upper left corner the line, the better.   […]

working on the NetJSON common output format

Federico and were working on the NetJSON network description format. The idea is that we define a JSON format for the most common use-cases for data transfer within applications (such as node databases) within community wireless networks. Of course , t… […]

nodedb workshop in Graz

Ralf, Christian and me travelled to Graz and made a workshop on the new nodeDB. Feedback was very helpful. We have lots of new issues in github, new ideas for the UI, etc. We also explained the nodeDB API and the conversion mechanisms between old noded… […]

Brussels meeting 23rd, 24th of March 2015

I was at the CONFINE plenary meeting in the city of chocolate (albeit the swiss might disagree on this statement) and we had some very good discussions on how to make sure the results of CONFINE carry on to the wider world. One thought I learned over the course of the project: while the geeks and … Continue reading Brussels meeting 23rd, 24th of March 2015 […]

more feedback from Graz

…getting very very good feedback from Graz: […]

good feedback coming in

Graz is giving excellent feedback on the nodeDB. Keep it coming, and public on github. Thanks! […]